• Model and design solution to the given problem applying fuzzy system concepts
• Develop source code and implement designed solution
• Follow use of good programming practice/techniques
• Test software implementations to ensure correctness of the model and algorithm
• Provide suggestions to enhance the model using one or more computational intelligence
Assessment Task
In this assignment, you are required to write a Java Application that implements a water
distribution controlled by a fuzzy controller. You will be using the given input details and
guidance on use of fuzzy membership functions to model, design and build your application
for the fuzzy controller.
A. The Problem
Fresh water should be pumped from a reservoir to the water distribution system (WDS)
maintaining the pressure at an optimum level to avoid waste of energy. Variable speed drives
(VSD) are used for the pumps where the speed can be controlled by changing the frequency to
adjust the water pressure. Inputs from pressure transducers and frequency of the motor pump
have been used to control the speed of the pump by changing the frequency. The fuzzy
controller output is the change in frequency (?F).
The inputs of pressure and frequency measurements are given in Table 1 below.
Table 1 Inputs to The Fuzzy Controller: Water Pressure and Frequency of Motor