Economics for Managers: Money Supply & Credit Growth- Economics Assignment Help



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Monitor and present graphically the following economic variables from 1995 to the present for three countries(South Africa; an advanced nation; and one of Brazil, Russia, India or China):


Economic growth


Exchange rate

Interest rates

Trade balance and current account balance

Money supply and credit growth

Budget deficit and government debt

Gross fixed capital formation (fixed investment) and gross savings

Human development index

Describe the trends you observe and the reasons for these trends. Be on the lookout for trend changes and explain the reasons for these changes. Also, explain the relationships between the variables at a country-specific level, as well as at the level of international integration. Highlight the differences and the similarities between the countries’ economic performance. Then, extrapolate the trends for the next seven years (the extrapolation does not have to be mathematical; it may be descriptive – but either way, you must provide the justification for your extrapolation). Finally, justify why you would (not) invest in each of the three countries analysed.

Your observations, analyses, and deductions should at all times be based on sound theoretical and conceptual foundations.

When preparing, researching and writing your assignment, you must take note of and adhere to the following important information and prescriptions:

Length: Introduction, discussion and conclusion not longer than 12 typed pages.

Structure: Your assignment should contain at least the following elements:

? Title page

? Table of contents

? Introduction

? Discussion

? Conclusion

? List of sources

? Appendices (if required)

References: The source(s) of facts, figures, statements, arguments, etc. in the text that are not your own must be referred to correctly and consistently.

Style of writing: An academic style of writing is required; i.e., no slang; must be written in an unemotional fashion, i.e., objectively and clinically.

The assignment needs to adhere to the following criteria:

Use Calibri font 11 with 1 ½ line spacing;

The contents of the assignment may not exceed 12 A4 pages, excluding the title page, table of contents and appendices;

Refer to all sources used using the APA referencing method. Material used from other sources (including the internet) and not referenced correctly will be treated as plagiarism; and

Include as Appendix A in the assignment the grading rubric (included as Appendix B in this document)