Assignment 2 – Case Study
For this assignment, you will identify and manage the requirements to meet a business
need, design possible solutions and communicate your recommendations through a written
report and oral presentation.
This is an individual assignment. The work must be your own work.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage Value of Task: 30% (comprising Written Report 25%, Presentation 5%)
Oral Presentation Due: in Week 10 Lab class (Week commencing 16 September, 2019)
Written Report Due: 9:00am, Monday 23 September, 2019 (Week 11).
Minimum time expectation: 10 hours
Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
? K2: Discuss a variety of contemporary tools and techniques used for business analysis and when
these are appropriate to use
? K3: Identify and explain the core concepts of business analysis
? S1: Analyse, document and manage business requirements
? S2: Investigate and compare various business analysis methods, tools and techniques
? S3: Identify and apply appropriate means of communication for disseminating information
between stakeholders
? S4: Determine a variety of possible solutions and make recommendations to address business
? A1: Develop, manage, and effectively communicate business requirements
? A2: Analyse and critique the implementation of a business solution
? A3: Prepare and justify a case for business change



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