Assessment #2 is aimed at testing students’ ability to apply theory to practice, using one of the existing
multinational companies (MNCs) as a context for analysis. Thus, the case study report can be based on
your own multinational organization where you are currently working or previously worked, or based
on your choice of a multinational corporation (e.g. Apple, ANZ Bank, Google, IKEA, Rio Tinto, Walmart,
or Singapore Airline etc.), or any one of MNCs that you are familiar with. You are required to conduct
research and report on what the chosen organization has done to succeed their international business
via its unique global human resource management (HRM) strategies implemented around the globe.
Ideally, your chosen organization should operate in three or more countries across Asia, America and
Europe, so you can compare the impacts of different cultural and institutional factors derived from
adapting either Asian, American or European HRM models on the design and development of the
chosen organization’s HRM strategies locally and/or globally (Topics 9 & 10; ULO2). You should also
assess the positive and negative impacts of different HRM strategies on host country employees and
managers (ULO3).
Learning materials contained in all three modules of this unit should be used to support your case
study and analysis. You are allowed to use some parts of the research materials for Assessment #1 in
the case analysis of this Assignment. However, the emphasis should be placed on the real application
of knowledge gained from Topics 6-10 to your case analysis. In particular, you should keep in mind the
following (nonexclusive) points while conducting your case analysis:
• Identify three countries that you intend to examine in the case analysis of your chosen
• Outline the major cultural and institutional differences for the identified three countries (Topics 9-
• Critique on how the cultural and institutional differences may impact on your chosen MNC’s global
HRM policies and practices in general;
• Focus on analysis of different global HRM policies and practices, particularly on talent
development (Topic 6);
• Focus on analysis of different global HRM policies and practices, particularly on global
compensation (Topic 7)?
• Focus on analysis of different global HRM policies and practices, particularly on managing global
labour relations in the three countries (Topic 8)?
• Address the possible negative and positive responses of host country employees and managers
towards the chosen organization’s global HRM strategies;
• Recommend the improvement of global HRM practices in the chosen organization, based on your



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