answer the following 5 questions 2

Note: Please use complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Proper writing and clarity of thoughts are important in getting full credit.

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Read Ch. 6 before answering these questions.( Chp 6: Radiative forcings, feedbacks, and climate sensitivity)

1. What is a radiative forcing? What is a feedback mechanism?(4 pts)

2. What is the difference between a greenhouse gas and an aerosol? (4points)How can each affect the Earth’s atmospheric radiative balance? (2pts)

3. Explain why water-vapor changes are considered a feedback and not a forcing.(5 pts)

4. List and thoroughly explain 2 fast feedbacks and 2 slow feedbacks described in Chapter 6. Identify whether each is positive or negative.(10pts)

5. Explain the idea of committed warming. (5 points)