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propose an experiment for localizing a protein of your choice to an alternative cellular compartment then speculate what characteristics or symptoms this would create on a cellular tissue organ and organismal level

After reading both websites, you should be able to see how the discovery of sorting signals paved the way for utilizing these signals to provide information on the localization and functionality of proteins. Based on the Reading & Study for this module/week, propose an experiment for localizing a protein (of your choice) to an alternative […]

which criminological theory informed the first step act and will it effectively reform the criminal justice system arguments for and against

● Cover page (Your-Name/Paper Title: THE QUESTION/NAME OF PROFESSOR/Your Name/Course Title/CRN Number/Date/Pages must be numbered) ● Abstract (5 sentences)the findings of your paper not an introduction of the paper. ● Table of Contents Is As Follows: ● Issue/Question ● Background Info (It must be Text Citation/Author: Year). ● Arguments For (It must be Text Citation/Author: […]

300 word min forum post family violence

There are many forms of family violence and it happens all around us. You may have experienced family violence or know someone who has. Based on what you’ve learned, what do you think causes family violence and how do we stop it? What resources are available in your area for victims of family violence? ( […]

english project week 1

Instructions: Prior to working on this essay, review the Week 1lectures on Writing about Place, Writing a Narrative Essay, and The Writing Process. The lectures provide necessary information that you will need to complete this essay. Write a Narrative Essay about your connection to a place. The essay should be at least 500–750 words in […]

one and half page summary about five videos 1

Listen to/read/watch all of the following links. Write a one-half page, (typed, double spaced, 12pt font) summary of the topic. Reference these links. Summarize all the links combined in a half-page. 1 .What kind of intelligent is your artificial intelligence?MPR podcast, Oct. 22, 2018 (11:34) https://www.marketplace.org/2018/10/22/tech/what-kind-of-intelligent-is-your-artificial-intelligence 2.Artificial Intelligence, Employee Recruiting and Potential Job Bias, MPR, […]

like philosophy scenarios

Planet X These discussion boards have been designed to explore controversial philosophical topics. Some of the questions are designed to solicit very personal responses and opinions, and these debates have the potential to become heated. In the act of creating ideas, heat can be a good thing, but not at the expense of hurt feelings […]

write a 6 pages essay

Write a 6 pages paper, doublespaced. The topic is about a book named<Black swan green>,theauthor is David Mitchell. And it should be write from a teenager perspective, like the author did in the book. It could be a personal story, a scene, or any topic related to this book.

task positive psychology

Task 1 – Professionally define “psychology” from sources, handouts, and/or other academic materials. Brief study of APA Purdue Owl Watch TED video “The Surprising Science of Happiness” (by: Dr. Daniel Gilbert) –paying particular attention to the information about the HOW of happiness as a science, and information relevant to subjective well-being and happiness. Upload a […]