Best Practices to Regain Customers


For many years changes in the business environment have made it difficult for
businesses to maintain long-term sales and customers satisfaction. Competition among
companies has continuously increased with a larger selection of firms’ products and services
made affordable to the same customers (Layton, 2017). For Chipotle company to regain its
lost and unsatisfied customers, best practices have to be structured and measures put in place
to build the company’s reputation. The study aims at evaluating the best practices to structure
and types of control that can be implemented by Chipotle Company to regain customers
Following the E Coli outbreak that sent the chipotle company sales to go down and loss of
the customers' trust, the company has to find alternative ways to rebuild the company’s
reputation. The company has to set standards that will give the firm a competitive advantage
over other similar food industries that produces the same products and services in the region.
Satisfied customers are always loyal and play an important role in achieving the company's
profitability levels. Chipotle Company cannot maintain the high profits levels by looking for
new customers’, they must adopt a new mechanism that will focus on keeping the old and the
current customers as loyal buyers of the company’s products and services.
The following are some of the best practices that Chipotle Company can implement to regain
the customers back after their fall:

Provide constant quality food and services

The chipotle company will attract the customers by providing fresh products such as
having live animals whereby they can be slaughtered on site. The freshness of the products
will win the customers trust in the type of food provided. This will give the company a competitive advantage from the surrounding companies and help regain the customers’
confidence that the food products are freshly prepared.

Being passionate and engaged

Listening to customers complaints portrays a good image to them and is the best way
to show that you care about the services they receive. The company can do due diligence to
find new technologies introduced in the food industries or alternatives that can increase and
enhance customers relationship (Peleckis, Peleckienė & Peleckis, 2015). Responding to
customers complaints’ help bring new ideas to improve the company’s services while
retaining the purchasers.

Offering seasonal promotions

Promotions or gifts are some of the best strategies that companies use to increase their
sales and to win new customers.These items can be in the form of products or services
branded by the Chipotle industry. New customers will be attracted to buy the products which
will help boost the sales of the product and entice these customers to come back to make
another this way the company will try to perfect production to recover the
customers' trust.

Customize the company to the customer

Chipotle Company will have to research on customers’ needs and adapt to a new food
menu that suite the customers’ needs. The products and services prices have to align with the
cost of preparing the food products and the customers’ financial potential to purchase. The
price of the products should not rate too high than the customers used to purchase them to maintain the customers. Adjusting prices to the product quality and services provided by the
company will help rebuild Chipotle reputation and this will attract the customers.

Don’t overpromise the customers

Customers’ expectations of the company’s products should be met regularly. The
customers are always aware of the company’s stand through the services and what the
company tells them. Giving high expectations to customers that are rarely delivered is one of
the easiest ways a company can lose purchasers trust. a company that is trying to rebuild the
reputation in order to recover its customer's trust should look forward to improving the
customer's relationship .setting promises that are deliverable is a step to winning customers
confidence about the company’s brand.

Types of control implemented to regain customers

Regardless of how best practices may be put in place to regain the lost customers after
a business failure, control mechanisms are inevitable to maintain the customers .the company
need to learn from the past mistakes to prevent the occurrence of such crisis in future by
putting in place measures aligning to such problem. The goal is to put the company in a
position to handle unforeseen challenges in the future while leaving the purchasers with a
good reputation about the company. Below are some the mechanisms can be implemented to
restore customers confidence about the company’s services.
Seek customers’ feedback

The company should let their contact information be accessible to its customers
inclusive of its product label. This will offer the customers a platform that they can use to
give out their views about the quality of the company’s product and services. The company needs to review the customers’ views regularly and respond to their conditions by improving
their services. Chipotle Company should not take customers complaints negatively but should
accept the mistakes and make necessary changes for the benefit of the company.

Set goals beyond profit making

A company that is goal oriented rather than profit-oriented have high chances of
survival. A goal-oriented company strives to maintain a good relationship through providing
commodities of high-quality. Provision of high-quality products and services come with an
extra cost but the results are long-term sales and continuous customer flow (Timiyo, 2014).
Quality provision is an indirect way of marketing a company’s brand and an effective way of
building customers trust about the products and services offered by a firm. For example,
providing a shelf-life of a product will win a buyers trust since the producer has disclosed the
other side of the product.


A company that is transparent about the products produced build its customers
confidence. Many companies do not disclose about their products and production process in
with the fear that other competitors may steal their idea. Some of the products used to prepare
the company’s product may be allergic to some of the customers and thus disclosing and
receiving their feedback to use alternative ingredients may help grab a customer’s trust.

Put a precaution control mechanism

The company that develops control mechanisms to control the anticipated and
unforeseen crisis in the future has a survival advantage in the market. The company is able to
learn from past challenges and implement controls to prevent those problems from
emanating. The company should be well prepared and equipped to handle the customers’ views and offer a solution at first contact. Delay in solution provision is the worst thing that
can easily lead to your customers losing confidence with the company’s services and the
harder it is to convince them. Keeping trained service staff with immediate and effective
solutions is the best method to restore the confidence of the customers.


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