Culture and Advertisement

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Think of an ad you have seen recently that targets young children today. How does it
reflect a cultural value?
The advert of a half-dressed young lady who is giving many benefits of Radial body lotion
product is one of the adverts that target everyone including the young children.

cultural values I think advertisements do not typically reflect
This advert neglect the American value of directness which requires openness and frankness, and
the value of informality that requires simplicity. This advert only discloses the positive view of
the body lotion but it does not display the side effect of the lotion, for example, it may be allergic
to some people.

What do you think our culture might be like without advertising?
In the film, Jhally views advertising as the dominant of culture, and it’s the primary story teller
of the society. Therefore, without advertising the culture will lack the central dominant and it
will be dull.

What impact do you think that advertising has on our culture as a whole?
Advertising has a great impact on the cultural value since it’s the main aspect of the culture. It
has changed the way of life of Americans.

Now Read "Care and Belonging in the Market" pg 1-10 by Allison J. Pugh in Readings for
Sociology and answer the following
According to the author what is the "Commodity Frontier" and the "The Economy of
The economy of dignity is a social meaning system in which the children can contest, claim and
exchange terms of social belonging among themselves or what it takes for their participation
Commodity frontier is where the parents put their children’s desire fast even when their incomes
are decreasing.

In what ways does the Corporate Market target children?
The corporate use the past power strategy to target children where they rely on the kid to pester
their guardians to purchase the product instead of going directly to the mother.

Should there be more corporate regulations to control marketing or more parental
In my opinion, the government should set policies relating to the standards of advertisements
relating to children



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