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Take a few moments to review all we’ve covered in English 100 over these past weeks. To summarize and catalyze:

Introductions to classmates. Learning tips. Message of belonging. Familiarity with the website. Fresh English. Rhetorical and literary terms. Editing marks. Critical approaches to interpretation. “The Lady or the Tiger?” literary analysis. Compare and contrast opposing articles. Sentence-writing strategies. Paragraphs with topic sentences, major and minor supporting details, and quotations. Grammar and punctuation primers. TED videos. Word of the Day. Description of favorite place. Imagery. Figurative language. Fallacies. Interactive grammar. Using sources. EBSCO. Critical reading. Syllogisms. Rogerian Argument field test. Ad analysis. Greek appeals. Induction, deduction. Ideal society. Free will. Happiness. Peculiar epigraphs. Argumentation and concession. Paraphrasing. MLA vs. APA styles. Signal phrases. Quoting. Citations. Sample essays. Organization. Thesis sentence. Transitions. Topic sentences. Closings. Supporting details. Reading and re-reading renowned ancient and modern selections from the ongoing human discourse. Encouragement. Comprehension. Essay rubric. Quiz over grammar. Quiz over compare-contrast essay mode. Logic. Poems. College application personal statement. Smarthinking tutoring. Reflections. A research project. Farewell to classmates.

1) Which of the above exercises did you most enjoy? Which was most useful?

2) If you were a 100 instructor, how would you enhance this online class for future students?

3) Please share a book, a movie / TV series, and a song that you recommend to us.

4) What’s next for you? Any other English courses? Completion of your AA or a certificate? Transfer to a university? If so, which major? Are you returning to work?

5) Before you “write off” into the sunset, please give a shout-out to any of your classmates with whom you built rapport. Any final thoughts this semester

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