English – Argumentative Essay

Analysis of a controversial argument

An argument refers to a discussion in which two or more parties are involved in the
expression of disagreement in one another over something. A controversial argument is a type of
conversation that is likely to give a disagreement among the parties involved. Some people do
not know how to hold a successful argument due to lack of debating skills. I experienced a
controversial argument of two NF fans who were arguing on the comment of President Donald
Trump concerning the issue of how players should stand during the star-spangled banner
(CHAVEZ 2017, p.2-5). The president had suggested that the large group of the player should
stand during the Anthem as a sign of honor to the country.
In the argument on of the fan was supporting the comment while the other fan was
opposing. The supporting party displayed strong argument strengths in that he possessed
excellent arguments skills. During the debate, the supporting party used rhetorical devices such
as similes, understatement, metaphor, and enumeration (Bachrach, et al. 2014, p.154). The
rhetorical devices were necessary for expounding the opinions This essay contains a
comprehensive analysis of controversial argument of the two NFL fans.
The supporting party had the best argument skills as compared to the opposing party. In
the argument, the party opposing the comment was not calm to listen to the opinion of the other
party. During an argument, is recommended for both sides to remain calm as each party speaks
out its onions. When one of the party becomes impatient to listen to the speaking party, the

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chances are the conversation will be controversial (Sloane 2017, p.2-6). The opposing party was
restless, and in most cases, he interrupted the supporting party while raising the opinions.
Moreover, the individual did not express the signs for listening which made him make poor
The supporting party was calm and composed in the arguments. The individual had
enough supporting evidence on his opinions which made him be a good debater (Sloane 2017,
p.2-6). Despite the impatience of the opposing party, the support side was always patient and
calm to listen to the opposing party which is a characteristic of a good argument party which can
give time to the other party to express its opinions. Also, the supporting party was showing the
signs of listening to the opposing party as he speaks out his opinions.
The supporting party was very professional and calm while using the body language.
Unlike the opposing party that used weird and frightening body language, the supporting party
was strong at controlling the emotions. The opposing party was very vagrant and was unable to
control the emotions. The party used a loud tone that suggested internal unrest (Bachrach, et al.
2014, p.154). However, the supporting party was neither affected by the weird body language
nor emotions of the opposing party. The opposing party did not have enough supporting
evidence, and instead, the party was forcing the supporting party to change the side.
In conclusion, arguments are part and parcel of life, and every individual has experienced
it. Some arguments are usually a headache mostly when both parties aim at winning. Possessing
excellent discussion skills like having emotional intelligence that will help you respect the
opinion of others beside knowing the impact of the words you speak to others is significant in
enhancing a successful conversation. The parties involved in the argument should have in mind
that each’s opinion are relevant and they should be patient to listen.

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