Electronic Health Care Records.

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opic: Surfing For EHR Videos
Electronic health records have their benefits over paper records. In your opinion, what are some of the most important advantages of electronic health records?

Then, find three informative YouTube videos about “electronic health records†(just Google the term: electronic health records + YouTube and you will be surprised at all the information you find) and share them with the class by including links to the videos so everyone can see them. For each video, provide a short 2-3 sentence description about what you learned




Electronic Health Care Records.
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Electronic healthcare records(EHRs) refer to detailed health accounts that are created by
the health care provider across the industry to store the medical information of the individuals
(MIS.edu, 2015). The electronic healthcare record is an automated system that stores information
such as patient's health problems, demographic, medication, progress notes, vital signs,
laboratory data, past medical history, radiology report, and immunization. This essay contains a
comprehensive exploitation of the benefits of EHRs
EHRs promote increased communication between the physician and the patient. Use of
EHRs enhance increased participation of the patient and the physician by allowing access to the
patient’s medical information and history by the both parties rather than the current visit
snapshot overview (MIS.edu, 2015). This full access to the patient’s medical history enables the
doctor to make in-depth evolution resulting to more accurate diagnosis.
EHRs contribute to improved care coordination which enables the doctors to have quick
and easy access and transfer of the patient’s information as they need it. EHRs facilitates quick
transfer of information from one department to another in the healthcare center which saves time
and cost (MIS.edu, 2015). Through improved care coordination, the physicians can respond
positively to the process improvement as it can assist them to keep a track record.
The program is cost saving and enhances medical practice efficiencies. Many medical
care providers have a testimony that EHRs contributes to improved health practice management
by improving practice efficiencies and cost saving (MIS.edu, 2015).


The YouTube link explains the reasons to why the medical care centers should use EHRs
instead of using paperwork. The link has expounded on the advantages of EHRs to both the
patient and the physician.

The link is providing a brief introduction of the ERHs to patients by showing them how
to use the system. Also, it shows the patients how to keep track of their records.

The YouTube link shows how the patients can make safety a priority by making sure that
the prescriptions are dispensed and well written by the physician.



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