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List and discuss the eight unique features of e-commerce technology?



E-commerce is a form of business transaction that is carried out using electronic means.
Also, it can refer to the transaction of or transmit of funds, goods, and services over an electronic
network. This transaction can be a business to consumers or vice versa. E-commerce is carried
out through a variety of applications such as email, websites, shopping carts and online catalogs.
E-commerce has the following features
I. Ubiquity
II. global reach
III. universal standards
IV. richness
V. information density
VI. Personalization/customization
VII. social technology
VIII. convenience

one of them being social technology where e-commerce creates a link with social media
where customers use the link to connect with online business activities. The e-commerce
business uses this social technology to market their business and reach the prospective online
customers. Another feature is customization where the e-commerce company can locate and
target a particular customer through websites (Chaffey, 2011). This merchant can change the
consumer's taste and preference and provide the best to their customers. They can determine the
interest, their purchasing power, and past purchases.
E-commerce information is widely and deeply transmitted since many people are
on the internet and the number is increasing profoundly. Most of this business merchants use the shopping cart to do the order and purchase product online. Online shopping process helps the
company to deliver information such as product shipping faster and able to follow up. Another
feature is e-commerce is convenient and reliable. Unlike other business that must be managed
while the owner is around all time. Online marketing can be done all time including at home,
offices since it is available all time.
E-commerce is globally used, and therefore it reaches a substantial number of people
internationally unlike other business ("What are some of the unique features of e-commerce
technology, 2017). The Internet is all over the world and thus making it convenient to share
marketing the products to a large population of customers. E-commerce has a powerful
application and networking online store at any time and everywhere in the world.
E-commerce has added advantage to its customer since they provide extra
services such delivery of goods to the client's residence thus making it economical and reducing
the cost that the buyer could have incurred to transport the good to their home. Also, E-
commerce provides a room for interaction with customer and client can ask questions or
comment with an email about the product online. So e-commerce is convenient to have a
follow-up with the merchants to get detailed information about the product through videos,
audios and other files.
E-commerce has grown up to be a universal standard business since it involves many
nations across the world. It has enabled customer from different nations to access goods and
services from various countries hence changing their preferences from their goods on their
country. The entire online business has grown and expanded their features to the whole world.



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