History- 9th AMENDMENTS

Sports is a co-curriculum activity that is necessary in education system. Sports form an
important part in developing talents and physical growth among the students in education
program. Sports is an activity that is carried out to earn a living, refresh the brain, maintain
physical fitness and for recreation purposes. Sports help many young youths to realize their
talents which might help them in future and also live a healthy life.
However, there has been argument on gender controversies on regard to sports where
there has been discussion on participation in sports by both girls and boys. According to my
opinion and knowledge I take this opportunity to support the motion that there should be no
discrimination on sports education. The notion that girls are weak than boys no longer exist and
is past time a theme. Whatever boy child can do a girl can do it better and thus they should be
given equal opportunity to participate in sports ("Your Title IX Rights — Title IX for Survivors,"
2017). Another argument is that sports will enable young kinds and students to realize their
potential talent and make a living.
In my discussion I oppose the argument that athletics should be exempt from complying
with the title IX amendment since it guarantees education system to avoid discrimination on
gender bias ("AMENDMENT IX. General Reservation of Fundamental Rights," 2017). IX
amendment is a law organization that fights for the rights of sexual violence on basis of sports in
education. It helps to proactively address, eliminate and effectively remedy sexual violence in
colleges and thus protecting the gender.
In conclusion IX amendment has guarantee rights on protecting athletics and avoid
discriminating gender in education. In addition, it has helps to minimize sex misconduct when it
comes to athletic in education system.



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