Business-Hazmat Logistics

Topic: Hazmat Logistics

Using the reading material from week three, please give your description of hazmat. Describe the state you currently reside and describe some materials that are indicative of your state and their related information. Are there any special handling or emergency considerations to speak of?

State : New Jersey

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Hazmat refers to some materials that can pose danger or may cause harmful effect to
people and environment if released without taking due precautions. Some of these materials
include sewage and other poisonous gases emitted from industries and if they are released
without control may cause a lot of danger to human and other organism in the environment.
New Jersey state is located in the United State of America and is characterized by many
attractive sites such as Museum and the statue of liberty. It has a long shore with prominent
resorts like Asbury Park. It is located in Northeastern of United States and has magnificent
buildings, jersey shore, and Ellis Island (New Jersey, 2004). However, the city may face with
hazardous substances like poisonous gases from vehicles that transport materials like oil.
Another pollutant material directed to sea is the industrial waste and elevated temperature
materials. Other materials that are hazardous in new jersey town are a lot of chemical discharge
from industries that are discharged to rivers and seas.
However, the city has a program that has enhanced the cleaning of the city to avoid the
massive effect on the environment (Bradshaw & Vaughn, 2010). The city has come with federal
Superfund program which has enabled cleaning of the contaminated site. They also advocate
thorough monitoring and treatment of this sites with the help of government support. The city
has also initiated safety standards that have to impose regulations and purpose to ensure that
proper caution, has been enact while transporting this harmful material with vehicles.
In conclusion, New Jersey state has taken proper precautions to control the hazmat effects
on the environment. Due to high industrialization rate the government of the state need to come
up regulation and policies that will assist in reducing this hazmat threats. Another thing to be
considered is that the company should apply the set world green production standards.



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