History – North Colonies

North Colonies settling. (1619-1700)
Puritanism Produced by Reformation of Protestant.
in 1517 Martin Luther started his protest against doctrines of Catholic at the door of
Wittenberg’s cathedral. He Protestant reformation ignited by referring to the Bible as a source of
God’s word. Calvin John wrote a doctrine entitled Institute of Christian Religion in Latin to
elaborate Luther’s ideas which formed Calvinism. Puritans, a group that was aimed at taking
Catholicism outside England branched into Separatists who broke away from being Protestants
so King James 1 threatened to kill the separatists.

End of Pilgrims Pilgrimage at Plymouth.

Separatists came to America from Holland searching for religious freedom and settled without
legal permission in Plymouth Bay. Due to the first winter in pilgrims, only 44 survived from a
total of 102.William Bradford was voted as governor of Pilgrims for 30 times. In 1629.
Charles approved persecution of Archbishop William Laud and anti-Puritan on Bay Colony.

Bay colony Governor hated democracy. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson challenged the
church and they were banished from the Bay colony. In 1675, Massasoit’s son propelled a
several attacks against colonist’s city which ended in the year 1676.
Independence and Colonial Unity

New England Confederation (1643) was formed by four colonies uniting which was to guard
against rivals. London authorities revoked Massachusetts Bay Colony’s. New England Dominion
was formed by majestic authority which expanded to East and West Jersey and New York with

the leader being Sir Edmund Andros who stopped town meeting and cancelled all titles of land.
in the year 1691, Massachusetts was made a majestic colony.
New Netherlands in Old Netherlands.

With the assistance of England, Netherlands fought and attained its liberation from Spain
Catholic. Dutch gained power and fought three Anglo-Dutch marine fights Henry Hudson was
hired to seek riches. Dutch West India Company, in the Hudson River established New
Netherland and in addition acquired Manhattan Island from Indians.
Hostility in English and Swedish Neighbors.

Due to the growth of Dutch, New England was hostile where England was in a mission to wipe
out New Netherland forcefully. Dutch surrendered to the English the New Netherland and at the
coast of Amsterdam squadron appeared.


Quakers arose in England Around 1650s; these were Spiritual Society of Helpers who opposed
paying taxes to England churches. King Charles named the area Pennsylvania because he
secured a fertile land under duty owed by the crown to his dead dad. immigrants went to
Pennsylvania looking for spiritual freedom, where blue rules were meant to prevent from playing
cards and dices. William Penn was never liked due to unfriendly relationship with James 2 who
was thrown into prison. In 1702 England combined West and East Jersey into one.

The Central Way in the Middle Colonies.

Bread Colonies included Delaware, New Jersey, middle colonies New York and Pennsylvania.
heavy exports of grain led to this naming. In these societies, people were given extra religious
tolerance and were more ethnically mixed compared to other colonies.

1517: Martin Luther launches Reformation of Protestant.
1536: A book is published by John Calvin under the title; Institute of the Religion of Christian.
1620: Pilgrims set sail to the Mayflower in Plymouth Bay. Plymouth Bay
1624: Fresh Netherlands is found by Dutch.
1630: Massachusetts Bay Colony is found by the puritans.
1638: Anne Hutchinson is banished from the Massachusetts colony.
1675: King Philips war.
1681: Pennsylvania colony is founded by William Penn.
1689: Dominion of New England.