HR Admission Essay Writing

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The past few years have been dedicated to working towards my HR certification and
CRHP. While studying at the University to accomplish my Bachelor of Commerce degree, I have
taken up work at a Hearing clinic as an HR assistant. Working alongside HR management, I was
able to learn and grow my skillset relevant to my own goals. Aspiring for higher-level leadership
roles, I had the opportunity to prove myself as a diligent and cooperative worker. One of my
greatest accomplishments is being the go-to individual amongst three others for any manager
specified responsibilities.
I secured the role of creating an outline for company orientation, inclusive of excellent
PowerPoint presentations, which displayed company structure, rules, and all information relevant
to new hires. This orientation process consisted of tours of the office, short greeting with doctors
and other staff, information on details such as sick days and expectations, as well as a brief
introduction to major points of the job. I was the first point of contact for candidates, as well as
current receptionists. This meant having been knowledgeable in all areas of company policies to
resolve concerns efficiently. Being well versed, I was able to use my knowledge to assist in the
company hiring process. I introduced the idea to hire from colleges with the Medical
Receptionist Program, which was a successful point of hiring.
Secretaries hired from this program produced higher levels of efficiency, as well as
patient and doctor satisfaction, compared to those hired before this. My involvement in student
organizations has also helped increase my full understanding of HR plus a strong link between
noted accomplishments and HR activities. I was able to support the execution of the Aim
conference back in 2016. The conference brought together business professionals, key note
speakers and students to learn more about accounting careers and network. We were able to

organize the conference by first establishing the purpose of the event which was to raise pledges
for charity. The next step was setting up a date, establishing a budget for the conference, booking
the venue for the event and looking for the key note speakers. I was able to apply a number of
skills that were transferrable to HR.
It was my responsibility to ensure that the activities were carried out in a safe
environment which ensured the smooth running of the event. Identifying the key note speakers
for the Aim conference was another important task. I was able to assist the management team on
the hiring process of the speakers for the event. It was also my responsibility to manage the
performance and expectations of the event and ensured it was run in a calm manner. I was able to
guide the Aim conference team to ensure we worked together through the whole process from
organizing the event to its successful completion. The issues that arose during the event were
solved right away thus contributing to the success of the event.
Apart from the large scale event, we were also able to raise money for charity through
other smaller scale events. One such event was a music event which raised a lower percentage
compared to the other small scale events. The students came together and managed to raise a
total of $5000 pledges for the charity which was a great accomplishment.