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I am a high school senior currently studying commerce stream with maths and painting. I
am an artist, and my imagination has always been driving me to express myself through
paintings. Art has always fascinated me from an early age. I began painting at the age of seven
years old. Through art, I have been able to expand my imagination even in the real world. Over
the past few years, I was able to participate in a couple of painting competitions. Even though I
haven’t gotten any positions yet, I aspire to grow as a painter and begin selling my works of art. I
have been able to make a lot of progress during the quarantine period, and it has helped me to
grow as an artist.
Sewing is another skill that I have a deep interest in, and I am still working on perfecting
my sewing skills. Even though I am not a professional when it comes to sewing, I have made it a
habit to do more practice. I recently completed sewing a couple of skirts. My interest in sewing
also began at an early age. In 9 th grade, I got to know about fashion designing. I became
interested in making my own designs. After gaining more knowledge about clothing and design,
I realized I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I desire and dream of owning my clothing
brand. I aim to grow as a fashion designer and be able to accomplish my dream. Taking up
fashion design as a profession is an exciting and challenging journey that I am committed to and
wish to take.
Moreover, I would also like to help people out here in India by creating employment
opportunities through my clothing brand, as 75% of the population is low-income level. In this
regard, I kindly request an opportunity to join Columbia College Chicago so that I can get the
chance to build my career path. I believe that enrollment in the college will be a golden
opportunity that will contribute a significant impact toward the attainment of my dream.