industrial training report 1

Last Updated on 08/08/2021 by Sophia

the assignment is about a training in Emmar Technical Services Company (its a company that makes Directional Boring, in Oman) maybe you will not find alot of information about this company because its a small one but use any extra details about Directional Boring, from another companys and but the name of Emmar Technical Services on them its ok.. you should follow the 4 chapters that are in the attached picture

the assignment is mainly about the training that I’m having with the company as I’m a (site manager ) and i should make a report about what i did with the company …… please follow the attached picture

i have worked with the company and take 2 projects: 1- Directional Boring in Muscat express way 2-Directional Boring for Haya company in Oman

the report should be in total about 30 to 35 pages