Professional memo/press release

 Imagine that an international airline based in Singapore called Good Luck Airlines hires you to prepare a memo/press release to announce the layoff of 35 per cent of employees to allow the company to continue to operate and be profitable because of a reduction of business due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is what the text calls a bad news message in chapter 5. In this age of the internet, memos have to be written like press releases sensitive to the needs of various audiences because they can easily be leaked to the internet and damage the reputation of the company. So this memo/ press release needs to balance the precise needs of the various audiences, namely shareholders, employees, customers, the general public and the reputation of the company. For this assignment, write a 500-word memo/ press release announcing the layoff of 35 per cent of the employees that is precise, explains the reasons for the decision and is diplomatic. Use a professional methodology. Remember to use in-text citations and a bibliography. Remember to use in-text citations and a bibliography. Remember to use in-text citations and a bibliography.






To: The Employees


From: The Management


Subject: The Upcoming Lay-offs


Dear Employees,

In 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China, and by March 2020, a significant number of countries had experienced thousands of coronavirus cases (Reynolds and Weiss, 2020). National quarantine measures and travel restrictions have had numerous impacts on business entities. Organizations had to transform and change the organization of their operations or processes and revise their financial plans. In this case, the economic crisis in Singapore and other parts of the world connected to the Covid-19 pandemic has led businesses to reduce the workforce and dismiss some employees (Lachenal, 2020). In response to the economic crisis at this time and restrictions for air travel, the management at Good Luck Airlines, Singapore, has decided to lay off some employees to allow the organization to continue operating normally and gain profit during the coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, the company will be laying off 35 percent of the employees.

Some of you may feel that the abrupt termination may be wrong and not fair. Still, it is strongly recommended that the company take this step to ensure that it survives through the pandemic and recuperate after the pandemic. In addition to the fact that there is reduced business due to travel restrictions, other reasons have led to the management making this decision. For starters, due to the reduced business and travel restrictions, there is a change in the organization of the company’s processes, which drives the need for reducing the number of employees. Secondly, some employees have also shown inconsistency in their work due to health issues, which hinders their performance. Some individuals cannot work efficiently after being infected by the virus or diseases caused by minimal activities during the quarantine period. Also, employees who did not perform their duties imposed on them by the employment contract or the internal employment regulations’ without a good cause in the last year will be terminated. As we all know, absenteeism is unacceptable at Good Luck Airlines. Thus, employees that have been absent for several weeks in the last year without a good cause, regardless of the pandemic, are more likely to experience the lay-offs. Lastly, employees who have shown inconsistency in their jobs during the pandemic will be terminated. 

It is crucial to note that, regardless of the abrupt laying off of the employees, the company will still comply with the laws regarding contract termination in Singapore. Also, employees who fall under this list will get a notice of termination immediately after its development. The termination notice shall be in writing, and the managers will also explain the notice’s content to specific employees orally. The notice period shall be 28 days for employees on monthly wages and shall receive one month’s salary upon receiving it. After receiving the termination notice, the specific individuals will start clearing their information with human resources and settling their accounts with the finance department to ensure that they get their salaries and benefits. 

We are sad that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to Good Luck Airlines making decisions that are against the company’s wishes and desire to protect all its employees. We hope that after the pandemic, we will be able to reinstate the laid-off employees. Nevertheless, all the shareholders and stakeholders are wishing you all the best and stay safe during the pandemic. 


Thank you for your cooperation


From the Management



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