Psychology – Mental illness

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Mental illness

Mental illness is a common disorder that can affect any other person. People who have
this mental illness should not be stigmatized and rejected or judged because of their situation.
Mental illness is disorder like any other, and before a person starts making the judgement to
victims one should ask the kind of trauma and torture they might be undergoing psychologically
and within the society. It’s good to sympathize and offer assistance to these victims. One should
take a responsibility of taking care of them, guiding them and supporting them to get medical
care. Tring to understand their situation and showing them love and kind will make them feel
happy and boost their self- esteem.
However, in early days I had a bad feeling about the mentally ill people. I couldn’t
comprehend their situation and all I thought it was just normal for them to be in that kind of
situation. I had a negative attitude towards their situation (Espejo, 2012). Currently, I have a
positive attitude towards the mental illness victims, and learned to pay attention to them. Also, I
have learned how to offer support by making good company with them, referring to doctors and
counselors and providing a good healthy environment for them.
To respond and satisfy a mental illness person I will learn to listen to them and to reserve
judgment. I will encourage them to stop thinking about their situation stay focused in life to live
for preferably long time instead of demoralizing and accusing them (Thompson, 2007). Another
change is learning how to appreciate them, changing the perception of society towards mental ill
victims and to adequately support them in great concern. Another thing is to change people’s
perception and attitude to stop stigmatization of mental illness people and mingling with them to
show them care and love. As a nurse, I will carry out deep research on how to avoid mental

Mental illness 3
illness diseases such as Bipolar disorder and create awareness through free educational programs
to enlighten the society.
To treat and care for mental illness people as a nurse you should embrace principles such
as excluding from discrimination regardless of race. A good nurse should handle patient with
mental disorder equally without exclusion or preferences, and this shows a sign of care and
appreciation and no violation of human right. All patients regardless of color should receive
equal treatment as far as their condition is concerned Ruggiero, 2008). When there is fair
treatment of the patient, this creates harmony and equal enjoyment of rights.
Another principle is free from exploitation of mental illness people either sexually,
physically or any other abuse (Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm), Films Media Group,
& Filmoption International (Firm), 2009). By mistreating mental ill patient through torturing
them will show a sign of disrespect to them. Also, the information concerning the situation of a
mental illness patient should not be exposed to the public as will be a sign of disrespecting and
stigmatizing them. Also, a patient who has mental illness should not be segregated and isolated
from others.
Implementation of these principles will enhance good reflection in dealing with mental
health cases. This will help to build a good framework for providing quality mental health care.
Also, they should be the empowerment of nurses to enhance good performance in handling
mental illness patient. Mental health care standards should be imposed to restrictions of patient
rights to avoid being discriminated by society in large. These principles should also provide
guidance in improvement, evaluation and service planning for people with mental illness.

Mental illness 4
In conclusion, I have developed a big passion for pursuing the career in mental health for
offering my services to mental illness patient since my attitude has changed. I would also like to
show my compassionate and care for mental illness patient.


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