read and answer 22

After reading chapters 1, 2, 3, answer the following discussion questions, in detail and respond to at least three of your classmates’ responses (in order to receive full credit for your post, please review discussion board guidelines under “announcements”):

Chapter 1 Questions:

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1. What are the two reasons your textbook provides for why it is important to study public speaking? Provide a detailed example of how each reason given might assist you in your own life.

2. Your textbook discusses the five classical canons, or elements of preparing and presenting a speech. What are they? Provide an example of how each of the five canons might be applied to speech making.

Ch. 2 Questions:

3. Your textbook refers to a study by two communication researchers who found that there are several causes of anxiety that people experience when public speaking. Name three of the causes that you relate most to. Explain how and why you relate to each of the three causes you chose to discuss.

4. According to your textbook, what is the predictable pattern of apprehension? How do your experiences relate to this cycle? How might we utilize this information when preparing a speech?

Ch. 3 Question:

5. Review the model of the speech making process from chapter 3. What is at the center of the model? Why is this so important to consider during each step of the speech making process?


The answer must be complete sentences

easy grammar, and vocabulary

after finish reply will posted

any questions let me know