Research Proposal : Gold the precious metal

 In one or two well-developed paragraphs explain your topic and purpose for the research paper. Include mention of what specific points or topics you envision including in your research paper, what kind of research you think you will need to find and your tentative thesis statement. Your main objective is to explain how you envision the paper coming together for you. This will be half a page to a page long using our standard formatting guidelines from previous essay assignments.



Pure gold is shiny, metallic, and melts to form different shapes. More importantly, it does not corrode, rust, or decay, hence being referred to as the world’s most precious and valuable metal. Out of all the minerals in the world, gold is also the most useful. The mineral’s usefulness is derived from the diversity of its special properties. Gold was first discovered in South America by the Spanish. Since then, almost all cultures interacting with the mineral perceive it as a symbol of power, purity, beauty, and accomplishment (Schoenberger, 2011). Fundamentally, gold’s unique characteristics enable the production of a variety of products in different industries. Today, individuals make objects such as Olympic medals, wedding rings, money, crucifixes, and ecclesiastical art using gold. Thus, the research will examine and discuss gold uses that make it a significant and prominent substance in society.

First, gold is used in the jewelry industry to make different types of jewelry. Most of the mined and recycled gold today, about 78%, is used to make jewelry (King, 2020). Gold is highly valued in different cultures and also in limited supply. Thus, it is also used as a medium of exchange or money. Thirdly, it is used in the electronics industry. Many electronic devices use low voltages that corrode or tarnish easily and quickly at the contact points. Gold is an efficient conductor possible of carrying small currents without corroding. As a result, gold is used in many electronic devices globally, including calculators, phones, global positioning units (GPS), and personal digital assistants. Lastly, it is used in the medical or health sector to treat multiple medical problems. Pieces of radioactive gold isotopes are medically implanted in body tissues to produce radiation when treating certain cancers. With this in mind, gold is a precious and significant substance used in different industries to make various products that support the human race’s survival and growth.



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