Stephen King, in his book “On Writing”

Summary On Writing

Stephen King, in his book On Writing believes that it is crucial to learn reading in
writing. According to King, reading constantly increases the knowledge of what hasn't and
what others have done. Reading also steadily grow the understanding of what is hackneyed
and what is green and lastly what can works and what is dead in any written work.
King believes that many human beings are talented in at least some writing and
reading and should practice the skills. King states that "If you want to want to be a writer you
must do two things …" King continues to establish that no known shortcut for becoming a
good writer.
According to King, slow readers can get through with many books a year. King gets
through with either seventy or eighty books; of which are fictional books. The culture of
reading books do not get motivated by the desire to study the craft used, but it derives
motivation by the King's desire to read. Learning to read and write has come up with a
process that still goes on today. All the books have different lessons which can either be from
wrong or good books. However, bad books give more teaching than good ones. Good
writing increases the writers' knowledge on methods, creation of believable characters,
graceful narration, and development of plot.

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Besides, after every work that a writer does he or she tries to break through into the
writing career. According to King, just as everyone recalls losing her or his virginity, most
writers clearly remember the first work they put down with a lot of expectations. The writer
of the early book expectations ranges from doing better than what he or she thought to have
the work been unquestioned.
Moreover, reading of both bad and good writings give an experience of outright
rottenness and mediocre. King establishes that such experiences assist the writer in
recognizing the plots and styles they should incorporate during the initial stage of their
works. Process of reading gives a writer an adoption of the technique used by that particular
writer. The adoption of a specific style by a young writer results in stylistic blending, which
is necessary for development during the working of an own writer book.
The amount of reading should be proportionate to what a writer writes. According to
King, "It's hard for me to believe that a person who reads very little should pressure to write
and expect people to like what they write." Therefore a person who does not have time to
read should have no time for writing as people will not like their work. The creative centre
for any writer's life should be reading. Writers, according to King, should take a book in
everywhere they go to get all the writing opportunities.
Reading should take place in all the plays despite the societal take. Person inspiring to
be a writer should read while driving, eating, watching and while marking. King suggests that
the act of reading should include so much sacrifice from all actives that can disrupt your time
on books. Lastly, reading is believed to create intimacy and ease with the writing process.
Constant time in text places a writer in a place where he or she can write without self-
consciousness and eager.