Technology in Fahrenheit 451

How technology in Fahrenheit 451 has improved lives and how it has ruined them.

 please use these topic ideas in the paper… ″how has technology in Fahrenheit 451 improved the way they received news″ how has technology in ″Fahrenheit 451 improved the living conditions of people in the novel.″ and ″how has technology ruined the social lives of people in Fahrenheit 451.″ and please relate these topics into real life.

How Technology in Fahrenheit 451 has improved lives and how it has ruined them
The use of technology in the novel Fahrenheit 451 is apparent in terms of positive and
negative impacts. The first positive impact is the use of technology to improve the way of
receiving news. Mainly, Ray Bradbury uses the novel to criticize the approach of learning as rote
self-improvement. In terms of receiving news, Montag uses a television with a headphone called
“seashells.” The use of “wall to wall circuit” used through television programming improved the
approach of receiving news (Bradbury 34). The people use technology to churn through shorter
news provided by the media. Besides, technology has been used to improve the living conditions
of people. At the beginning of the novel, the description of escalators and subways make work
easier for people in the book. In other words, technology improved road transfer through jet cars
and fast driving cars.
However, despite several benefits of technology in the book, it ruined the social lives of
people. The society in the novel has much attention to technology, which has affected their social
lives. For example, Montag has not questioned the way he lives and has realized that people are
living like robots (Bradbury 23). People are programmed and addicted to using technology that
has brainwashed them completely. Addiction to technology in the book has resulted in stress,
depression, and poor sleeping habits. It has also caused a lack of social bonds because people don’t look into each other eyes. Although the technology used in the book is more advanced than
those used in modern society, the impact is the same. Overall, Ray has utilized technology to
warn the audience from being controlled by technology.

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