Timed writing Assignment

Instructions This is a timed writing assignment. You will have two hours to write the essay. You must type the essay response into the textbox below. I am not grading on formatting, so don’t worry about spacing, margins, headings, etc. Also, there is no particular word requirement for this assignment. However, I will be grading on organization, so be sure to include separate paragraphs with separate topics. Make the essay as long as it needs to be to get your point across with detailed, specific examples as support. I will be looking for: A clear thesis expressing your answer to the question you have chosen to respond to. Specific, detailed examples from your experiences or anything you have read or seen to illustrate and/or support your argument. Analysis. Be sure to explain to your reader how your examples prove your point and/or how your examples illuminate the issue you are discussing. Essay structure, including an introduction and a conclusion to ease your reader into and out of your essay and including body paragraphs, each on a separate topic with a topic sentence, evidence, and analysis. Straightforward, precise prose. (For this essay, please feel free to use personal pronouns such as “I” and “me,” but avoid slang and profanity, and please make sure your writing is clear and direct.)
Choose one question
1. What do you think is the most important issue facing your generation ? The question is, why and in what way, what in your experience illustrates this?

what is the difference between a freedom and a right? Drawing from your experience or something you have read or seen explains the difference between these two concepts and illustrates this difference with example


What do you think is the most important issue facing your generation? The question

is, why and in what way, what in your experience illustrates this?
I fall under the group of the millennial generation, which consists of young people and
teenagers. Mainly, my generation is facing many important issues that may affect them
positively or negatively. Therefore, the most critical issue facing my generation is the use of the
Internet (Carr, 2011). The Internet is the most significant technology in modern technology
because it offers platforms for communication, promoting businesses, education, and research,
among other aspects. The reason why the Internet has affected the millennial generation is that
the like exploring different things. The age also makes them prone to issues taking place on the
However, the use of the Internet has affected the millennial generation in several ways.
The first way that the Internet has affected my generation exposal of sexual content that should
not be viewed by my general. Currently, there are numerous sexualize content on the very
rampant Internet. Today, teenagers are exposed to sexual content than other generations. The
exposure has introduced teenagers to early sex that has negatively affected their lives and
education (Carr, 2011). Many of the teenagers are at risk of contracting transmitted sexual
diseases due to sexual exposure via the Internet. Besides, many teenage girls have been exposed
to early pregnancies. Overall, sexual content presented via the Internet has corrupted the moral
and ethical values of the millennial generation.
Another way in which the Internet has affected the millennial generation is social media
comparison. Undoubtedly, teenagers are faced with what I call “social media syndrome.” In
other words, teenagers in the millennial generation tend to post their photos on the Internet. They
tend to compare themselves to other social media celebrities. It becomes a bother when they

receive negative reviews, comments, and feedbacks from other Internet users (Carr, 2011). In the
long-run, the comparison creates a self-hatred and low self-esteem. They are addicted to social
media and the Internet, where many cannot stay a single day without logging in to their
respective Internet accounts. A disaster arises from the comparison develops into a mental health
condition. The majority of teenagers who feel rejected on the Internet develop stress and chronic
depression that makes some of them commit suicide.
Another element of the Internet that affects millennial generation is that it creates a
platform for cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. Mainly, cyber-bullying, also known as cyber-
harassment, involves bullying via the Internet (Carr, 2011). The impact of cyberbullying has
become very rampant among teenagers. Many teenagers facing cyberbullying are less productive
in schools and other activities in their lives. They also have social problems because they are
unable to interact with their peers freely.
On the other hand, cyberstalking involves the use of the Internet to harass and stalk
teenagers. It also involves libel, slander, defamation, and false accusation (Carr, 2011).
Teenagers subjected to cyberstalking develops emotional stress and depression that may affect
their mental health. From my experience, I have seen my schoolmate dropping dramatically in
their academic performance due to the negative impacts of using the Internet. I also lost a friend
through suicide after facing rejection on the Internet. Therefore, if the issue of the Internet is not
addressed with ultimate urgency, then millions of teenagers’ lives in the millennial generation
will be in jeopardy. Others will continue dwindling on mental health conditions such as stress,
depression, bipolar, and post-traumatic stress disorders associated with cyberbullying and


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